Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday, November 4

     Yesterday turned out to be very weird, since my friend Lindy I was supposed to be staying with ended up in the hospital after a heart thing at the end of a yoga class. Beware yoga! The docs still aren't sure what happened to her. My friend Adrienne called this morning and offered (as long as I did dishes) to let me stay with her and her husband and two young daughters. Yippee! Lindy is still on my mind and I stay in touch with her and her fiance.

     I had blood tests today at the hospital for the liver folks. I asked them to check my platelets, too. By the way, I took Deanne Smith's advice and had RED MEAT last night for dinner. I think I'm going to start feeling better soon.

     I rode the bus from the hospital and to a park'n'ride, spent a little bit of time downtown at noon. It was great people-watching – lots of characters, smart young women, important looking men, ordinary people, all moving, moving, moving. I'm looking forward to my return to Denver, and hope I can survive the move itself. All looks well, so far.

     And now, dear friends, I am going to nap.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


     Someone suggested to me yesterday that I write a daily blog and then I will have a history of what went on during this time. The last couple of days I've been feeling really tired and on the depressed side of things. The fatigue was reminding me of my liver disease and how tired it makes and that compounded the depressed feelings. I need more coffee!!!
     I went to see the medical oncologist 2 days ago and he had good news for me. I am cancer-free now and he said if I had chosen lumpectomy, they would probably need to perform more surgery. I'm not thrilled I chose mastectomy, but I think it was the right choice for me with my tiny boobies. The doctor also said he believed I would not need chemo, which was very good to hear. We will get an Oncotype result back in a couple of weeks. The lab that does this looks at the tissue from a molecular level and can tell aggressiveness of the cancer and other things. Still, Dr. Kabos doesn't believe it will hold any surprises for me. My platelet count could be affected by some types of chemo, and he wants to avoid that if possible. Normal platelets are around 150,000 and mine were 68,000 going into surgery (from the liver disease). This puts me at risk to bleed. Anyone know any recipes for building platelets???

     I'm fighting my sadness with music, writing, reading, and lots of sleep. I don't want to take any more pills. Oh, coffee is prescribed, too. The friends I'm staying with now don't drink coffee, but I'm moving to another friend's house today and she has the C stuff. Yay!