Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday, November 4

     Yesterday turned out to be very weird, since my friend Lindy I was supposed to be staying with ended up in the hospital after a heart thing at the end of a yoga class. Beware yoga! The docs still aren't sure what happened to her. My friend Adrienne called this morning and offered (as long as I did dishes) to let me stay with her and her husband and two young daughters. Yippee! Lindy is still on my mind and I stay in touch with her and her fiance.

     I had blood tests today at the hospital for the liver folks. I asked them to check my platelets, too. By the way, I took Deanne Smith's advice and had RED MEAT last night for dinner. I think I'm going to start feeling better soon.

     I rode the bus from the hospital and to a park'n'ride, spent a little bit of time downtown at noon. It was great people-watching – lots of characters, smart young women, important looking men, ordinary people, all moving, moving, moving. I'm looking forward to my return to Denver, and hope I can survive the move itself. All looks well, so far.

     And now, dear friends, I am going to nap.

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