Saturday, March 3, 2012

Who I Am

 Salt water. Fresh water. Cold water. Warm water. Hiking paths. Trees. Rocks and boulders. Mountains. Grass. Flowers. Big sky. Crashing waves. Dolphins swimming alongside our boat. Kaneohe Bay. Diamond Head. Jungle paths. Bamboo forest. Dark brown, tannic-stained rivers. Alligators. Snakes. Turtles. Big fish. Riding horses. Dogs. Cats. Beach. Beach. Beach. Lanikai Beach. Treasure Island Beach. Madeira Beach. St. Pete Beach. Pass-a-Grille Beach. Sea oats. Elk herds. Deer morning and evening. Coyotes howling. Bears crossing my land. Mountain lion. Snow. Ice. Mud. Skiing. Swimming. Canoeing. Poohbah. Washington Park.

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