Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sometimes Sundays...

     I got bogged down by the early oppressive, sweaty, nasty heat of the day and a search for Violet the Cat. I eventually had to call on the services of my sister and brother-in-law's (Diane and Jay) black Lab, Nimitz. Jay, Nimitz (on leash), and I flushed Violet out of her favorite hiding place. The little brat. The picture of Jay on one side of her and Nimitz and I on the other side, all yelling and barking reminded me of cattle-herding that I used to do in Colorado, and I started to say "cattle" but it stopped at "cat-" just as Violet gave Nimitz one huge, open-mouthed hiss and tore off towards the house. I was so mad at her but I couldn't stop laughing because we had just herded a cat. But it was only one cat. I go through all the emotions – anxiety, the pictures of her injured, anger at her for not responding – and get hot and sweaty, too. I took a shower and fell on the bed for a couple of hours.
     The rest of the day was spent indoors – lunch with a friend and a movie in an icy-cold theater. Florida is a challenge in the summer for everyone. Then I see a couple of old Floridians sitting in the front of (our only) Starbucks, midday, not completely in the shade, and I just walk a little faster toward the door.

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