Thursday, October 27, 2011

     I received a call from my surgeon yesterday and she had the results of my pathology report. Even though we're still talking about a cancerous growth in my body, the news was optimistic. The tumor was larger than originally believed (1.7 cm on biopsy and PET scan), at 2.2 cm. (I was shocked by that. I let that thing grow in my body for probably 2 years at the least.) It had clear margins and, best of all, there were no cancerous lymph nodes. There is no radiation recommended. Now the lab will run an onco-type and look for the genetics in the tumor (???) and make recommendations for chemo or no chemo based on what they learn.  Tomorrow the Liver Transplant Committee will take a look at the pathology report and come back with their suggestions and possibly a timeline. At least here in Denver, I feel like I have my care teams based in the same building and on the same computer system.
     I don't like having all these care teams and health problems, though. I think certain factors (high levels of stress from long-experienced PTSD) have pointed me in the direction of an impaired immune system and resulting auto-immune disorders beginning at age 40 with a diagnosis of asthma. I ultimately cleared that with the help of a naturopath and diet (removing all sugar and clearing long-abiding fungus infections). Then came impaired white blood cell production, possibly from taking Dilantin for seizures for 20 years, and that remains. If I get an infection in my body, my WBCs don't balloon up in number to fight it off; I've added this important piece of information to my health history I carry with me all the time. Next came the liver disease. And now the cancer. Both of those are auto-immune disorders.
     I'll be doing a lot more research into this topic of PTSD and later auto-immune disorders. I think in the meantime I need to do all the things recommended to me for years but never followed through -- meditation, yoga, vegetarianism and now vegan or nutritarian. That last term always gives me a giggle. "I'm a nutritarian," she said snidely, followed by a subtle but distinct sniff as if she were checking me for meat smells.
     Plans continue for a departure party for me with my new-found friends in Florida. I feel like I made friends with Florida this time around. Violet the Cat certainly likes it and she will miss that big front yard she made her own. I wonder what she will think of snow.
    I'll write again in a day or so. Maybe some recipes of a nutritarian. Who knows?

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  1. Hi, Dana!

    Sending you lots of healing energy. Cancer does suck! My daughter had a bout of it two years ago. She had a desmoid tumor in her stomach wall. They had to remove it and a great deal of the tissue around it to assure it would not grow back. They put mess in to replace the tissue. She had done great, including carrying my grandson to term. (He is now 18 mos. old!)
    Do do all those great things...meditation is wonderful for PTSD. Also, I would recommend looking into cranial sacral therapy as well as Reiki.