Monday, October 24, 2011

Nutritarianism and Health

I heard a new term today, the latest in food and health -- a nutritarian, not just a vegan. I had my first vegan meal tonight...well, except for a little butter to go with the delicious cornbread with no dairy or egg. I think it's the first of many vegan and nutritious meals. I'm going to call someone tomorrow who was told by doctors that there was nothing else they could do, and he needed to go home and spend the rest of his very short life with his family. That was two years ago and he's back at work now.

I want to believe in miracles, in turning my life around with healthy eating. I promise not to rant. I'm not a good rant-er besides. I'm skeptical, very much so. But other things have happened because of prayer and love and yes, good diet.

Stay with me. Tomorrow I go to see a nurse at the Breast Center and she will remove the dressing. I found myself ready to break down into sadness, felt the tears pushing up, but I was too tired to let it happen. It will come, and I will ride the wave and move to the next place soon enough.

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