Saturday, August 6, 2011


     I've made some major decisions in the past two days. I am moving back to Denver this fall (before it snows) to proceed with my quest for health and a live donor transplant. Once I finally realized, thanks to my friend Maureen's simple, clear statement, that my number one priority was my health, I lined up everything behind that. I know I want whatever surgery I have done (live donor or The Wait) at the University of Colorado Hospital where I have a superb, supportive, positive medical team. My real home is Denver, though I will miss the warm tropical weather in winter in Florida. And the friends I've made here and my family, not to mention the reconnections with people I've known since kindergarten, for heaven's sake! I will be able to return for doses of sunshine and warmth in mid-winter.
     I will be sending out a plea to friends, acquaintances and family members for a potential live donor. I've written the email. I want a few friends to read it and help me tweak it before I send it. If you want to receive a copy of the email, please send me your email in a message on Facebook.
     I am having some ongoing health problems now, but I'm also exercising every day now and will be joining the YMCA this weekend so I can start walking indoors. I want to be as ready as I can for surgery.
     When I told my sister Diane I was moving back to Denver, she was happy for me and, as usual, had some excellent ideas for me. I'll be working on finding a place I can afford to rent. My brother-in-law Jay was sad I was leaving. He and I have spent lots of time at Starbucks discussing politics and I'll have to call him from Starbucks in Denver to continue that. I worked on Diane's campaign for state representative last year and have become quite the political buff now.
     This is a rather disjointed post, but I'm too excited to keep my mind in one place for very long! Be well and I will be writing soon.

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