Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Trip to IKEA

     I made my first venture into IKEA in Tampa in Ybor City. What an adventure, an experience, a cultural binge. My sister Diane and brother-in-law Jay made the hour-long trek to the store with the goals of introducing me to IKEA and to eat their Swedish meatballs meal in the cafe. It was marked down to $2.99! Lots of other markdowns, too. I fell in love with their shelving and storage ideas. So many! My new bookshelves are already picked out. And I think I can actually buy a bedframe – whoo-hoo! The next trip I make to Denver I will visit their newly opened store – the second largest IKEA in the world. I am IKEA-struck!

    I've been resting and reading and writing today. On Friday Diane, Jay, and I joined Muslim friends and acquaintances for a Ramadan dinner where Pakistani food was featured. Phew! It was hot! But very tasty. I'll go again next weekend and look forward to that.

     The partial colonoscopy and endoscopy on Friday at 6 a.m. went well. The doctor talked to Diane and me afterward, but I remember nothing he said. Except something about "everything was okay." Whatever. I'm tired of thinking about it.

     The two big dogs (standard poodle and black Lab) are in my room, scared of the thunderstorm. Violet deals with them. Right now she's ensconced in the bathroom cabinet which she can handily open and climb into. The dogs are sleeping happily.

     Lots to do next week. Write a newsletter for the Crescent Community Clinic and go to an interview in Crystal River to tutor elementary and middle school kids after school. Have a good week!

     I do have some secret news right now, but hanging onto it for's good.

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